Name: Tyra
Country: Tyra - France France
Weight: 50kg
Height: 174cm
Age at Debut: 18
Occupation: Student and Hegre-Art model
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She will not conform. Idiotic minds think alike; great minds think for themselves. Some people follow everyone else like sheep, but Tyra is different; she’s fiercely independent and refuses to blindly obey orders.

Only just 18,Tyra is filled with the rebelliousness of the young and will not automatically kneel to authority. She believes we should all be making our own decisions, and not simply be told what to do all the time.

With English and Senegalese mixed heritage,Tyra has gorgeous skin tones and incredible proportions. This is a body that will live long in your memory. She loves the anarchic lyrics of hip-hop, the outsider status of skater culture and just hanging around causing trouble.

Tyra is determined to forge her own path in life. And control her destiny. And if that involves sticking two fingers up to the world, then that’s just what she’ll do.

See her Profile: Tyra Tyra - Hegre Art

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