Femjoy Black Friday Discount!

Femjoy Black Friday Discount

Well if you ever wanted to try a Femjoy membership, now is your perfect chance as this Black Friday special offer give you full membership with a $20 discount. 🙂 The model featured above is Alisa and below it’s Jasmine Jazz.

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Get a taste of what our FEMJOY girls have to offer.

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Femjoy Nudes

Femjoy‘s raison d’être is showcasing the most beautiful girls who exemplify natural beauty and, as such, I’ve been a fan since it’s inception.

Among Femjoy‘s roster of photographers is Stefan Soell who also produces books such as Atlantic Sirens, Alpenglühn and Volcanic Girls. Have a look at these on the Art Nude Books page.

He is a good example of the quality erotic photographers on the site who bring us members 100% natural nude models. Pure feminine beauty and that to me is artistry.

The photo sizes are great and have corresponding movie clips making it quite a sensual adventure. I’m not sure I want the site to become any more explicit though as that has been the direction of travel in recent years. I prefer the nude only approach.

The prettiest naked women, often in natural surroundings makes for a very evocative and alluring experience.

As with all the top art-nude sites, keep checking our blog for for Discounts/Special offers. You’ll not regret it 🙂

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