Suzanna A

Suzanna A ‘Meneth’ by Fabrice

Suzanna A ‘Unaga’ by Fabrice

Suzanna A ‘Lamina’ by Fabrice

Suzanna A ‘Eutihia’ by Fabrice

Suzanna A ‘Morango’ by Fenix

Suzanna A ‘Dionta’ by Fabrice

Suzanna A ‘Lakme’ by Fabrice

From: Suzanna A - Ukraine Ukraine

Also known as:
Suzanna (Amour Angels)
Suzanna A (Errotica Archives)
Susi R & Nadia P (Femjoy)
Suzanna A (MetArt)
Suzanna (Showy Beauty)
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 112 lbs
Size: 37/23/35
Age at debut: 23

I’ve seen sets of Suzanna A since around 2011 and have always thought her distinct and very womanly.
She says ‘I like to go to the disco! I also love the holidays. I come up with a costume for each party I go to. I love to be around many friends.’

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