Gerda Rubia / Celia

Gerda Rubia ‘Basic Instinct’ by Alis Locanta

Gerda Rubia is also known as Celia at Metart although her look has changed substantially. She has a very definite fashion runway model look.
She says: ‘I love new feelings. For me, I love a lot of friends and we often go on picnics. I love music, to be photographed, to dance and communicate with interesting people! Also I very much love cars and to travel with the guy on a long road trip.’

Country: Gerda Rubia/Celia - Ukraine Ukraine
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 106 lbs
Size: 32/24/34
Age at debut: 23

Also known as:
Keela C (EternalDesire)
Celia (Metart)
Gerda Rubia (Metart)
Kate (Watch4Beauty)
Gerda (Yonitale)

Celia at Metart:

Celia Metart

Keela C at Eternal Desire:

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