Ganzik - Hegre Art

Name: Ganzik
Country: Kati - Ukraine Ukraine
Weight: 54kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Artist and model
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Science flourished, philosophers challenged governments and artistic expression blossomed. The renaissance changed the world forever. And it profoundly inspired this Hegre-Art model, talented artist, Ganzik. Just like the art she creates, she’s eye-catching and beautifully composed.

Her passion is painting. And she’s inspired by the blank canvass. It’s where she gets to show you her heart and soul and all her hopes and fears.

Meet 22-year-old Ganzik from Ukraine. She’s a talented artist, recently gaining her masters degree on the art of the renaissance. After graduating from art school, she’s currently preparing her first solo exhibition.

But Ganzik stands on both sides of the canvass. As a life drawing model, she often strips naked to pose for other artists. She admits she loves the feeling of a room of clothed people examining her entire body in minute detail.

Art fascinates her. But it’s the explosion of artistic expression and evolution of technique during the renaissance that inspired her most – the technical sketches of Leonardo da Vinci, the beautiful compositions of Raphael or the flawless stone work of Michelangelo.

But even if you had commissioned one of these famous “Renaissance Men” to paint her, you would never truly capture the beauty of our stunning Renaissance Girl.

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Ganzik - Classic

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